LNG. Ethylene. Ethane. Propylene. Propane. LPG. Butane. Ammonia.

1976 to 1986

Schelde Chemie and BAYER AG, Brunsbüttel, Germany – Operation and Maintenance Engineer in a Chemical Production Plant.


1986 to 2017

TGE Gas Engineering GmbH (previous names: Liquid Gas International (LGI) – Tractebel Gas Engineering (TGE) – TGE Ingenieur – since 2006 TGE Gas Engineering GmbH and since 2008 part (60%) of the CIMC Group).


1986 to 1996

Project / Process Engineer Office Bonn for Liquefied Gas Storage projects in Taiwan (LPG), Germany (DME), and Belgium (Ethylene, LPG).


1997 to 2001

Engineering Manager Office Taipei, Taiwan, for Liquefied Gas Storage Projects in Taiwan (Ethylene, Ammonia, Propylene, LPG, earth covered storages for different products).


2001 to 2003

Technical Manager on Consortium level of Sines LNG Project in Portugal, Office Brussels, and Technical Director of Tractebel Gas Engineering Belgium, Office Brussels.



Sales and Business Development Manager Asia.


2005 to 2012

Managing Director TGE Gas Office Shanghai, People's Republic of China.


2009 to 2012

Project Director for Zhejiang LNG Terminal Project, Ningbo, People's Republic of China.



Managing Director of TGE Gas Engineering Group with Head Office Bonn, Germany.


2009 to 2016

Managing Director (CEO) of TGE Gas Engineering Group.



Member of the Board of Directors (supervisory board of TGE Gas Engineering).



Consultant (self-employed).


A detailed CV can be provided on specific request.